A place to grow . . .

The Amherst Preschool offers developmental preschool programs for children ages three and four.  We focus on educating the whole child, their spirit, mind and body. 

Each group is offered opportunities to explore and experiment at individualized levels of knowledge and interest.    Our curriculum offers the children a variety of experiences in nature, art, science, large motor, literature and music.   Throughout the program children make independent choices within our classroom and outdoor space, and are encouraged to develop their skills in a stimulating environment designed to support their sense of self, creativity and independence. 

The Amherst Preschool understands that Kindergarten readiness is an important aspect of education today.  We work closely with local  teachers to help facilitate a smooth transition to Kindergarten.   We encourage the self help, social readiness and academic skills necessary to assist the children in developing a positive self-worth as they embark on their education journey. 

Please enjoy scrolling through our pictures where our philosophy can be seen in our experiences!